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I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing stories that motivate and inspire. So when my story “Chrysallis” was accepted for publication back in 2003 in Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul, I was thrilled. Dozens of Chicken Soup stories followed. You can read them and hundreds of other authors’ stories by ordering the books directly from the publisher at or by buying them from traditional booksellers. Here’s a list of my stories and the Chicken Soup anthologies in which they appeared:

“Chrysallis” Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s Soul (2003)
“The Dear Stand” Life Lessons for Women (2004)
“Hooray–No More ‘Monthlies’!” Healthy Living–Menopause (2005)
“Drinking Herself Fat” Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul (2006)
“Children Grieve, Too” Kids in the Kitchen (2007)
“Campfire Coffee–Nothing Better” CS Coffee Lover’s Soul (2007)
“Thank You, Santa” Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lover’s Soul (2007)
“The Gift in the Plain Brown Wrapper” Thanks Mom (2009)
“The Dog Nobody Wanted” What I Learned from the Dog (2009)
“Thank You, Mr. Flagman” Think Positive (2010)
“Trapped Beneath a Tombstone” Book of Miracles (2010)
“The Snow That Couldn’t Stop Christmas” The Gift of Christmas (2010)
“Daffodil Month” Grieving and Recovery (2011)
Inspiration for the Young at Heart (2011)
“Get Out of That Rut!” Boost Your Brain Power (2012)
“Hooray for Heated Seats!” Say Goodbye to Back Pain (2012)
“Running with a Smile” Think Positive for Great Health (2012)
“A Mother Who Read to Me” The Magic of Mothers and Daughters (2012)
Country LifeI Can’t Believe My Dog Did That (2012)
The Honors ClassThe Power of Positive (2012)
The Ride of Her LifeHooked on Hockey (2012)
“A Perfectly Shaped Head” (co-author with Dana Lafever) Breast Cancer Journey (2012)
“Aunt Jane’s Diamonds” (co-authored with Julie Burns) Here Comes the Bride (2012)
Leader of the PackAngels Among Us (2012)
“Bonding Over Books” Just Us Girls (2013)
“The Honors Class” Reader’s Choice (2013)
“Made A Difference to That One” Reader’s Choice (2013)
“Lost and Found” Touched by an Angel (2014)
“Out to Lunch” Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias (2014)
“Back in the Saddle Again” Reboot Your Life (2014)
“Wired for Sound” Home Sweet Home (2014)
“Every Day is a Gift’ (co-authored with Heather Roach) Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury (2014)
“The Honors Class” Raising Great Kids (2015)
“Breaking the Rules” Inspiration for Nurses (2015)
“Daffodil Month” For Mom With Love (2016)
“Coffee Corner” The Joy of Less (2016)
“Embracing Black” The Joy of Less (2016)
“The Happy Little Pumpkin” Random Acts of Kindness (2017)
“The Neighbors” Random Acts of Kindness (2017)
“No Excuses” Inspiration for Teachers  (2017)
“One Rainy Morning” Miracles and More (2018)




My mother began subscribing to Guideposts ( before I was old enough to read. Sometimes she read the delightful little monthly magazine aloud to me. Soon, I was old enough to devour the stories myself. I’ve loved Guideposts ever since. So imagine my surprise and delight when I was selected to attend the Guideposts Writers’ Workshop in the fall of 2008. A dozen other aspiring Guideposts contributors and I spent a week at the Wainwright House in beautiful Rye, New York learning how to turn inspirational stories into stories for Guideposts and Angels on Earth. (It’s not as easy as it looks, I assure you!) Since that time, I’ve had two Abundant Table blessings, one “Our Prayer” online story (“Goodbye, Sweet Molly”) and three print stories, (“Light Show,” June 2012,  “A Most Unusual Easter Service,” March 2013, and “God Is My Pathfinder,” September 2013) published in Guideposts.  I also “ghost wrote” the stories “Dogs on a Plane” (GP, August 2011), “A Dress for Paige” (GP, November 2012) , “The Vision” (Angels, July/August 2012), and “The Way to a Woman’s Heart” (GP, February 2014). To read these stories, click on the links.  And if you think you have a story that might fit Guideposts or Angels, please contact me at [email protected]

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